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Kishwaukee College Bookstore online is your place for Kishwaukee College textbooks, gear and supplies. Buy used and new textbooks, find Kishwaukee College gear, and purchase gifts - ALL ONLINE!



You can purchase or rent your books by the following ways:

1. Online - order your textbooks online and use our price comparison tool. Materials can be shipped directly to you for a contact-free experience or made available for pick-up.

2. In-Person - Bring in a photo ID and your schedule for easy pick up.


Textbook Affordability Overview 
Kishwaukee College is dedicated to making sure course textbooks and materials are affordable for students. These efforts are campus wide and include individual faculty, academic departments, the Office of  Instruction,  the College Bookstore, and the College Library. It can be a lot of information to absorb, and we want to help explain. Definitions 
Inclusive Access (IA): You may get an e-mail about your course being involved in the Inclusive Access Program. This means that the cost of your course materials for this course is charged at the time of registration, directly to your student account. This delivery method is a cost savings to you as the cost of the digital materials (e-book/courseware/etc.) are lower when delivered this way.  o    You may opt out of this program; however, we recommend you speak to your instructor first as opting out may mean that you must purchase both a book/e-book AND access to the courseware, separately, and from a third party to be successful in the course.  o    Please visit our Price Comparison Tool to see if your course is affected. Students impacted by an IA course will be e-mailed a week prior to courses with access information. Access to the material will be available on the first day of class through your Brightspace course shell.
 ·         Open Educational Resources (OER): If you see that your course has an OER course material, the digital resource will be available for free. The print materials are generally available to rent or buy for a lower cost as well.
Please see the
price comparison tool for details. Textbook Loan/Rental: Some books are available to rent through our textbook loan program. Some are available for as low as a penny. See price comparison tool for details.


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All hours are subject to change. Please check back frequently for the most current postings.


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