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This estimate expires on the same day that you run it, we will also give estimates in store.  The best prices are given during the stores advertised buyback period.  Please bring your books to the store when you are ready to sell them back.


Receipts are not required for buyback.

Since the physical condition of the book is a prime factor, the online buyback estimate tool online is only an estimate.  We must see the book before a final price will be offered.                                                                                                                       
Some common reasons for not buying a book back:

         We have yet to receive an adoption form from the instructor in that area and therefore we do not know if the book will be used again.

         The book has gone into a new edition causing the market value of the book to be zero.

         The Bookstore itself has reached its quota on the number of books needed based on expected enrollment.

         The book itself in not in saleable condition (water damage, pages missing, writing in workbook type books, or over-all condition will not allow re-sale.)

         We will not purchase international copies of textbooks.

The Bookstore will not buy books which are clearly identified as instructor's copies--we cannot resell these nor can we donate them.

Binders or course packets may not have value.  We will notify you at buyback if you can sell back a course pack. 


Expiration date for this estimate: